JRK 21V3 with brushless DC motor

Can the JRK 21V3 be used to drive a brushless DC motor such as Maxon 283840 ? http://www.maxonmotor.com/maxon/view/product/motor/ecmotor/ecmax/ecmax22/283840

If not, which controller can I use for a positionning application ?



The jrk motor controllers are designed for brushed DC motors, so it will not work with brushless DC motors. Unfortunately, we do not sell any brushless motor controllers or drivers and do not have any specific recommendations of where you might find some for you application.

- Amanda

Thanks for the confirmation.
Is there somewhere a document explaining why brushless motors can’t be controlled as brushed motors are ?

There are lots of resources on the Internet outlining significant differences between controlling brushless and brushed DC motors. Some articles that you might find helpful are Electronic Speed Control and Brushless DC Electric Motor from Wikipedia. For more resources, you could do a search for “brushless motors versus brushed motors”.

- Amanda