Jrk 21v3 with 512 Cpr encoder?

Hay all. I got this small cnc table from a friend and it is fitted with 19.1v dc motor and a 512 cpr optical encoder. Will it be possible to get position control with the Jrk21v3 board ? The motor specs are as follow: Pittman 19.1vdc and 512 cpr.


Unfortunately, the jrk cannot use encoder signals to do position control. You might consider incorporating some microcontroller to make use of the encoder.

- Jeremy

Just in case I’ve missed something, do any of Pololu’s controllers natively accept quadrature encoder feedback ?

Something like an 18v7 but with encoder feedback for positioning would be very handy. All it needs is a little extra software (said very tongue-in-cheek; I know if it was particularly easy I’d have done it myself already)

The only motor controllers we carry that have integrated support for quadrature encoders are RoboClaws from Orion Robotics (formerly known as Basic Micro). We have not used this feature much on these controllers, however, so we do not know how well it is implemented.

We want to make our own motor controllers with quadrature encoder support, but we are not likely to have those anytime soon.

- Jeremy

Thanks for pointing that out, Jeremy. I’ve had a read of the documentation and it looks promising.

I guess its hard to justify the expense of developing your own when you already have the Orion products to sell (even though we all know a Pololu one would be better :wink: