Jrk 21v3 Stop after Set Target required?


I have a jrk21v3 with a LACT12P-12V-20 generally working well. I found some example code that was issuing a FF stop command after detecting 0 current after moving the actuator with a C0 set target command. I’m wondering if the Stop command is necessary? If I don’t send the Stop, what state are things left in after the actuator reaches the target? I have tried to find an answer in the manual and the forum and haven’t been able to determine what happens.


Hello, Brock.

The 0xFF Motor Off command will stop the jrk from actively trying to keep the actuator at its current target position, which is probably not necessary to do with those actuators. You should be okay omitting that command.


Great, thanks. That is what I thought but I wanted to confirm. It seems to work without it.