Jrk 21v3 question- servo


I’ve been trying to use an H-bridge and an Arduino to control a linear actuator with feedback. My actuator is fast, 2" per second, and the Arduino isn’t getting the actuator to stop where I want it. It just hunts back and forth over the desired spot.

Can I use the Jrk 21v3 to control the actuator, and then send it ppm signals from the Arduino just like I would a hobby servo? How much will that affect the speed of the actuator?



You should be able to use the jrk motor controller with your linear actuator, as long as your linear actuator’s feedback is an analog signal. The jrk will accept standard RC servo pulses as a control input. However, if you are going to control it with an Arduino, it would probably be better to communicate with it using serial communication. The PID will need to be tuned specifically for your linear actuator (from your description, it sounds like your PID parameters are not tuned correctly). If the the PID is tuned correctly, the linear actuator’s speed should not be affected by the use of the jrk. We sell a few linear actuators, and you might be able to use the jrk settings file for those linear actuators for yours. You can find the settings file under the Resources tab on the product page of any of our linear actuators with feedback.

- Grant

Thanks! I appreciate the information.