Jrk 21v3 not recognized by computer

Received my jrk 21v3 recently, and finally got everything ready to begin the programming process ( I am a Mac user, and had to procure a PC laptop)…I am running Windows XP. I have all the needed updates, and when I go to plug in the jrk, nothing happens. No recognition, no lights…nothing. The Jrk configuration utility is all greyed out. I know the USB is giving power, because it powers a mouse, and when I hook a 12 volt battery up to the jrk sepparately from the computer, the yellow led blinks.

Initially I was ignorent to the fact that these units needed to be programmed and hooked my wiring up for analog control. Could I have fried my jrk ? Is there a diagnostic test I can do to hopefully salvage this, and save it from a bandsaw death ?

thanks in advance…


Do you have another USB cable that you can try, or can you verify with another device that your cable actually works (and that it works in that port of your computer)?

What did you connect to the jrk during your initial tests? Shorting the USB power line to ground is one of several ways that your could have damaged your jrk.


All right then…who would have thought that all usb cables are not equal…

A different mini usb to usb seems to have done the trick. It is now being “seen”. Thanks for the help…stay tuned. I’m sure once I get the potentiometer and the motor mechanically tied together there will be more questions…

Oh…is there a recommended potentiometer value that I should use ?

thanks again.

Okay, I am glad to hear that you got it working. A potentiometer around 10k would be ideal, but anything from 1k to 30k (and maybe more) should work fine.