Jrk 21v3 feedback question

With the system we are setting up, using the jrk 21v3 boards with potentiometer feedback on a 37mm motor, we are making many long moves and these moves are being repeated over a long period of time. The pots we are using are high quality (5 turn) but with everything, they have a life and will wear out. Do you know of any method to use something “non contact” for feedback (similar to an encoder) that can replace the pot and still put out the 0-5v that the jrk needs for position feedback? Or, is there something we can use with your 37mm motors with encoder output that can interface to the jrk 21v3’s feedback input for position, not speed?


I have heard of people using Hall effect sensors for non-contact potentiometers, but I do not have any experience using them that way. You could probably use a microcontroller to interface the encoder and jrk, but it might be better to have the microcontroller process the encoder signals and command the jrk.

- Grant