Jrk 12V12 motor pwm frequency, other values possible?


Is there any way to change the motor pwm frequency, which is used to drive the dc-motor.

Actually in the jrk configuration utility there is a dropdown with 5khz or 20khz.

For my project i need a motor pwm frequency of 1 khz.

The dc-motor is driven in an open-looop without any feedback and only in one direction

The input is an pwm frequency of 1khz. A Scaling of the input pwm duty cycle to the pwm motor duty cycle would be nice but ist not necesarry

Is there an option in the jrk configuration utility to bypass the fixed settings of 5khz and 20khz and driving the h-bridge vnh2asp30 with the input pwm frequency?

Is there a possibility to change the motor pwm frequency e.g. via a firmware update or any other way?

thanks in advance for your support

kind Regards


Hello. Sorry, there is no easy way to get a 1 kHz PWM frequency from the jrk, even with a firmware upgrade. Why do you need a motor PWM frequency of 1 kHz?

The jrk can not accept an input pwm signal of 1 kHz. The maximum frequency it can accept is 150 Hz. For more details about the limitations of the jrk’s pulse width input mode (which was intended for interfacing to RC systems and servo controllers), see this page:

Since you’re only driving the motor in one direction and not using feedback, I think you could get by with something much simpler than a jrk 12v12.


the max. frequency of 150Hz for the input pwm is fast enough.

the required motor pwm frequency of 1kHz is given by the spec and fix.

the motor has to actuate aganinst a spring in one direction by increasing the motor pwm duty cycle,

the spring force is putting then the drive back to the start position by decrasing the motor pwm duty cylce.

probably the best solution would be to use a h-bridge e.g. the carrierboard and drive the h-bridge directly with the 1khz.

the reason why i wanted to use the jrk is that i already have several jrk 12v12 in use and available, and i hoped to find a quick solution to adopt the jrk on the 1khz motor pwm frequency.