JRK 12v12 motor driver error

Hi there,

I have just received 2 of the 12v12 JRK’s and I am in the process of setting them up via the Config Utility.
I will be driving one 12VDC 200W motor with each JRK and I will be using a potentiometer for the feedback.
So far so good, I have set up the first JRK via the Config Utility and everything seems fine.

Now, as soon as I apply 12VDC to the second JRK, I get the motor driver error. As I understand, this will come up when the JRK detects a short between VIN and A. I had a good look to make sure there is nothing obviously shorted but I can not find anything. The error always happens, regardless of the motor being connected or not. I can not seem to get rid of this error. Is there a way to reset this as the rest of the JRK is working as it should or does this error indicate a faulty JRK? This is a brand new JRK and has not been used in any way yet.

Any advise is greatly appreciated.


PS: Sorry if this has been covered in another post but I was unable to find an answer.


The screen shots you posted do not show any errors being triggered; were they taken with the working board or the problematic board connected? What are you using as a motor power supply?

Also, you mentioned that it has not been used in any way yet, but said that you have tried it with and without a motor connected. Can you clarify what you have tried and what steps you went through? Was the motor connected when you tried using the problematic controller? Do you know the stall current for your motor or have a link to its specifications?


Hi Brandon, thanks for your reply.

I managed to take the screen shots of the working Jrk…good on me! :blush: I can upload the screens for the other Jrk if you need.
Sorry about that and for not being clear enough.

Here is what I have done:
-Connected USB, power supply, motor and potentiometer.
-Started setting up the Jrk within the config utility while the power supply was turned off.
-Turned the power supply on and noticed the motor driver error.
-Disconnected the motor as well as the potentiometer to make sure they are not the cause of the problem. Error remains.

As mentioned before, I have done this with the first Jrk and all is good.

The power supply I am using is a HP dps600-pb.
The motor is this: motiondynamics.com.au/ebay/G180-12.pdf

I hope this will give you the insights you might need and sorry again for not being clear enough in the original post.
If you need any other info, please let me know.
Thanks again.

Thank you for the additional information. In your earlier post, you mentioned that the motor driver error can be triggered when output A is shorted to ground or VIN on the jrk 12v12, but it can also be caused by disconnecting motor power when the jrk is connected to USB. If you have the motor driver error configured as “Enabled and latched” in the “Errors” tab of the Jrk Configuration Utility, it will stay in this error state until you click the “Clear Errors” button or power cycle the device.

If that does not work, your jrk might have been damaged. From the way you described it, it sounds like your power supply could have damaged something on the jrk when it was switched on; some power supplies can have very large voltage spikes when booting. Also, the motor you linked to has a rated current of 16A and a stall current of 32A. This is much higher than the continuous 12A rating of the jrk 12v12.


Hi Brandon.
In the errors tab, the “motor driver error” is set to “enabled” and it is not latched. As soon as the 12V power is taken off the unit, the “motor driver error” clears and instead the “no power error” shows.
I have also tried to clear errors but again, every time the unit is powered by 12V, the same error happens.

I have also swapped the power supply to the working Jrk and all is good. Same with the motor.

It seems the Jrk might be damaged. Do you have any advise as to where to go from here?

Thanks again for your time to reply, much appreciated. :smiley:

I agree that it sounds like your jrk is damaged. I am concerned that the jrk 12v12 is underpowered for your motor and replacing it would result in another broken board. With a motor like that, you would probably need to take a lot of precautions to not break the jrk such as acceleration ramping, limiting the duty cycle, and keeping the load on the motor light to name a few. If you do not need the feedback of the jrk, you might consider one of our higher power Simple Motor Controllers.

If you would like to try again with another jrk 12v12 or one of the Simple Motor Controllers, you can send me another email that includes which one you are interested in, and we can look into how we can help you out. Please refer to this forum post in your email as well.



I want to say thanks for your help. Your support and attitude towards trying to solve the issue is absolutely fantastic!
This is product support at it’s best.

I will contact you again via email and discuss my options.