Jrk 12v12 motor controller with feedback

Hi, I am trying to create a daisy chain of 12 Nos. of jrk 12v12 controllers with feedback received via AND gate as suggested in the manual.

A total of 12 Nos. jrk controllers are connected with LACT 10" linear actuators.

However, when I try to get feedback from respective controllers (using the device ID), sometimes, I receive random values which cause random motion of the actuator. Also, many times the request times out.
Pl. Help?


Since your system involves so much right now, I suggest simplifying to reduce the number of potential variables. I recommend starting by simplifying your code down to the simplest code that demonstrates the problem (if possible, it should just be reading the feedback values). If the problem persists, could you post your simplified code and give some examples of the erroneous output you are getting?

Additionally, could you try reducing the number of Jrks down to just 2 to see if that changes anything?