JRK 12v12 feedback problem


One of my JRKs has recently had a problem with feedback. When I try and ‘learn’ the min /max values for feedback, I end up with a tiny range (ie 4080 - 4092). I have tried a new pot and checked the old pot on the other jrk and they are both working fine. So the problem must be with the board.

I believe this problem happened when I connected my atx psu to the jrk. Powered up fine, but when I ran the motor the psu tripped, causing a loss of power (to the jrk) whilst USB still plugged in. I’m hoping that there is someway to reset or other solution?

I would greatly appreciate any help in getting this resolved.



Found that the +5v pin next to the FB pin isn’t working (prob due to voltage spike from psu). So I’ve used the other +5v and Gnd pins located on the edge of the board and now the feedback has returned! Hoorah, no £80 for another jrk!

Hope this helps someone in future.