Issue with VNH5019 system

I am working with vnh5019 motor driver and arduino with two dc gear motors.
Specifaction of motors are
• Gear ratio: 29:1
• Free-run speed @ 12V: 350 rpm
• Free-run current @ 12V: 300 mA
• Stall current @ 12V: 5000 mA
• Stall torque @ 12V: 110 oz·in
• Free-run speed @ 6V: 175 rpm
• Free-run current @ 6V: 250 mA
• Stall current @ 6V: 2500 mA
• Stall torque @ 6V: 55 oz·in
• Lead length: 11 in

The problem is that when i attached a small dc motor it worked but it was slow. And when i used uper mentioned motor it worked for some seconds. While i was supplying motor driver with AC adopter 12v with 500mah.
Would you tell me what was wrong with it? And did i damaged motor driver? Or supplying very low current to driver can damaged it?
Now when i attached small dc motor it is also not working.
Plz answer i am stuck in this problem.


I moved your post to its own thread, since the issue you are having seems totally separate from the issue that was discussed in the original thread.

Since the stall current of your motor is only 5A, and the VNH5019 can handle around 12A continuously, I do not think it is likely that you damaged the driver. However, might be possible that you damaged your power adapter. Could you try testing as many parts of your system as possible individually to determine what is not working (e.g. test the motors run from just a battery or other supply and test the output voltage of your adapter with a multimeter). If doing that does not help you find and fix the issue, please tell us whether you are using the VNH5019 shield or the carrier and post a description of what testing you did and what is still not working. Also, could you post pictures of your setup with the driver that show all connections?