Issue with V5E motor controller

I am using a V5E motor-controller, and the first motor works perfectly. However, when I try to control a second motor, it doesn’t work. The motor keeps on turning and never reaches the right destination. I first switched my motors but found out that it doesn’t come from the motors.
Indeed, my first script using M1SpeedDistance works perfectly. When I use exactly the same script and replace M1SpeedDistance by M2SpeedDistance, it does not work. I even tried the Examples scripts in the Arduino library, but the command on the M2 does not work. It doesn’t respect the speed and never stops. I can’t even tune it using BasicIonMicro Software. Is there an issue with my board?

Hello, Elodie.

Thank you for including so much detail in your post. Based on your description, it does sound to me like there is a problem with one of your RoboClaw channels, and it’s probably best if you contact the manufacturer, Basicmicro, directly for assistance. If you have trouble getting in touch with them, please let me know.