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Is there a CE Certificate for jrk g2 24v13 USB Motor driver?

Is there a CE Certificate for jrk g2 24v13 USB Motor driver?

For using in a commercial project in EU?

regards andreas

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Hello, Andreas.

We do not CE-certify any of the products we manufacture, and our understanding is that components, such as the Jrk motor controllers, that are meant to be integrated into larger systems are not required by European law to be CE-certified (but we are not experts in European law, so that is something you should confirm for yourself).

In case it helps you to CE-certify your overall system, all of the Jrk G2 motor controllers we make are RoHS, and we have them indicated as such on their product pages.


Hi Brandon

I would also like to integrate a Pololu converter into my design for CE marking.
Are there any testing results for IEC 60601 or other similar compliance results for em emissions?

many thanks

Hello, Clancy.

We currently do not do any EMI/EMC testing for our regulators. By the way, our understanding is that any larger system you put them in would need to be tested again anyway, and how you integrate them can have a big impact on the overall system performance.