Is the 5V output 24v12 enough for an arduino?

Is the 5V output 24v12 enough for an Arduino? It will be an Arduino Nano, the only function of the Arduino will be to deliver the PWM frequency to the Driver, and the Rev signal.


It sounds like you are talking about one of our Simple Motor Controllers (SMC); either our G2 24V12 or our original 24v12. Could you link to the specific product you are talking about?

If you are using a SMC, they can supply about 150 mA of regulated 5V, so I think you should be okay, but you will not have a lot of power left over to do anything else with your Arduino Nano. You will also need to be careful when powering your Arduino directly with 5V to not supply power through the Arduino’s USB connector at the same time.

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The product I am using is this one:

It has been discontinued, but the reseller here stil had two left in stock.
So can I power the Arduini with this one?

Unfortunately, the 5V (out) pin on the Pololu High-Power Motor Driver 24v12 can only provide a few milliamps, so it would not be sufficient to power an Arduino.

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