Is RPi GPIO limited to DRV8835 Motor Driver Kit for RPi?

very interested to buy DRV8835 to power up to 2 dc motors. However, in addition I’d like to control a stepper motor requiring 6 GPIO pins from the Raspberry Pi; 4 logical, ground and 5v. #2735 leaves 6 pins in the open from what I can see (1 ground and 5 logic).
Now, can I accommodate this with #2735 or should I go for #2135 for more flexibility to use unused Pins for other purposes as #2735 will it “block” all but the 6 open pins for itself?


Hello, Martin.

I sounds like you are trying to decide between our DRV8835 Dual Motor Driver Kit for Raspberry Pi (#2753) and our DRV8835 Dual Motor Driver Carrier (#2135). As you might have noticed, the main difference between those two board are the manner in which the physical electrical connections are made. The schematic diagrams on those product’s pages show how the connections are made on the boards.

The DRV8835 Dual Motor Driver Kit for Raspberry Pi makes the appropriate connections between the GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi header and the motor driver input pins, but does not otherwise make any of the pins available. If you wish to use those GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi not utilized by our DRV8835 board, you could replace the 2x20 pin female header that comes with the kit with this stackable one. That would make male 0.1" pitch connections for all 40 GPIO pins accessible on top of our DRV8835 board.

Alternatively, you could mount the DRV8835 Dual Motor Driver Carrier somewhere else in your system and make the appropriate connections between it and your Raspberry Pi using something like our Female-Female Premium Jumper Wires, which should leave the rest of the male 0.1" pins on the Raspberry Pi’s header accessible.


Thanks for the quick response Nathan!
You are right about the products and good suggestions with the stackable pins. So if I, for some reason, would put the whole #2753 kit on a breadboard and draw wires back to the GPIO, would I only need 6 cables: 3.3v, ground + 4 logic pins (please see attached pic)?


Yes, connecting those 6 pins should allow the driver board to function fully.


Great, I’ll give it a go then.
Thanks for the support!