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Integrate G2_18v25 into an existing bus system

Hello :wave:
I want to use a G2_18v25 controller to drive a 12V motor with either RC or I2C. The starting current of the motor is 60A and the continuous current is 10A.
Can I integrate the controller as a slave in an existing BUS system consisting of several sensors from Ncd.io?
5V are present at the output of all sensor. Where do I connect the 5V from the sensor to the controller? I assume the 5V are necessary as supply voltage for the G2_18v25.
I will connect the remote control as described on https://www.pololu.com/docs/0J77/4.5.
Greetings Falk


The Simple Motor Controllers will automatically regulate their logic power from VIN or use USB power. The 5V pin is an output and you should not connect a separate supply to it.

- Patrick

Hi Patrick,
Thank you :ok_hand:

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