Informations about bd65496muv

Hi guys,
your motor driver called Bd65496muv caught my attention for its high frequency support, and I was wondering if i could use locked anti phase mode on it with an external NOT gate.
I always worked with vnh5019 so I know that not all motor drivers can support this mode.
I would like to know if this module has a linear output since VNH5019 and VN2SP30 have a very exponential-like output.
Thanks for your attention, if you need more informations i’ll try answer almost instantly.


The BD65496MUV driver should be capable of locked-antiphase operation, which you can get by holding PWM high and toggling the INB line. We have not specifically tested the linearity of motor speed with respect to duty cycle with this driver, but when using any driver I expect that to depend on your particular motor and load. If you decide to use the BD65496MUV and collect data related to that linearity, we would be interested to see it.


Thanks for the reply, so you said that i don’t even need a NOT gate?
The datasheet doesn’t talk about locked anti phase.
Normally, i would take pwm high and connect ina and inb to a single pin pwm and hex invert one of them.

No, you do not need a not gate to run that driver in locked-antiphase mode. You can look at the motor output truth table on the BD65496MUV product page or in its datasheet to see how the outputs of the driver will respond to various signals on the control inputs.


I looked at the datasheet,
I can only see 2 modes and none of them are locked anti phase.
As you said i should put PWM high and drive INB with pwm. What about INA?

The driver does not have some specific locked-antiphase mode since locked-antiphase is a control scheme that only depends on the signals you send to the driver. The way the driver interprets its own input pins does not need to change to accept that kind of control scheme. When I use the term “locked-antiphase mode”, I am simply referring to a scheme where you control the speed and direction of a motor with just one microcontroller pin by quickly changing the direction signal to the motor. The truth table for the driver shows that while PWM and INA are high the direction of the motor can be changed by simply toggling the INB pin.

Why do you want to use locked-antiphase control?


I’d like to use locked-antiphase control because I have few pins available on my microcontroller and I heard that this mode is the most direct and responsive one.