Incorrect torque graph for 30:1 MP Pololu motor?

Hello there folks,

Just wondering if the torque and speed are related to the current for the 30:1 MP Pololu motor as shown in the attached graph I made?
Or is this just incorrect?

I am assuming the torque is directly linearly proportional and the speed is indirectly linearly proportional.

Many thanks,


Hello, CB.

Yes, the torque and speed are roughly linearly proportional to each other approximately like your graph shows. However, your graph’s torque line should probably start at the free-run current, not zero current. Additionally, your torque is out of scale, if you are converting to kg-cm, the stall torque should be no more than about 0.57kg-cm (assuming you are using the 6V ratings from the product page).

Also, your speed line should begin at the free-run current, not zero current (i.e. the motor should not be spinning when there is no current draw).

You might find these things easier to understand the way they are illustrated in this graph:


Hello Derrill fro Las Vegas!

thank you for your help, that was just the kind of graph I was looking for.

I beg your pardon , I had mistakenly been looking at the torque of the 150:1 motor rather than the 30:1 motor.

On the face of it , these motors are fantastic for the Arduino project I am doing currently.