IBT-2 or Sabretooth + Arduino Uno verses JRK data transfer speeds

Hi guys. I’m deliberating over which way to setup a 4DOF motion platform. I have been using IBT-2 controllers with my current 3DOF platform and they work well with my setup. They pair with one Arduino Uno rev3 board. I am considering swapping this out for x 4 18v27 boards as I’ve heard on the grapevine the JRK data transfer speeds are much quicker then the Arduino’s I’ve also been looking at using x 2 2x 32 sabretooth controllers which would also require an Arduino and code to run with my 4DOF.

Is it still the case with better codes now available for the Arduino’s, that the JRK’s still have the upper hand on bit rates and data transfer?



Your question is too broad answer directly, but if you have a specific question about a particular interface of the Jrk controllers then we could probably help.