I2C driver installation problem windows 11

I have installed an i2c driver library in my arduino ide but after i restart the ide i cant find the i2c driver and cant even mention it in the code.Althrough the library file is there already.


Could you clarify what devices you are using (in particular, which Pololu products)? Also, could you link to the “i2c driver library”, or relevant documentation you are referring to?


Its not a pololu device its a normal arduino uno r3 board and a i2c display driver ic.

It sounds like you might be using some kind of I2C display and a supported library. However, since you are not using a Pololu product, the help we can offer is limited. If you cannot find the example code provided with the library, I suspect you installed the library incorrectly or in the wrong folder. You might consider posting on the Arduino’s forum for help instead. If you do post there, I suggest including as many details as you can, including links to all of the devices you are using, the libraries you are trying to use, and a description of the steps you’ve taken to install the library.


okay i will post my problem in the arduino forums. Still thanks a lot for giving me time.