i00800 Motor Driver Error 0x0004

Hello everyone,

A while back I bought the Invenscience i00800 servo with the JRK 21v3 inside.
When I use a potentiometer to control the servo (analog input, 0-5v) it responds very well and everthings works as it should. But when I switch directions ‘too’ fast I get the Motor Driver Error 0x0004, most of the time the system will keep working, but sometimes the jrk stops working. I then have to re-apply the power supply before it starts up again.

I tried messing around with the duty cycle, at 600(no limit) this happens all the time, and at 500 it nevers occurs. This could be a potential fix for my problem, but at 500 the servo is too slow…

What could this be? The settings file is included in my post.


i00800 settings, 31-10-2014.txt (1.39 KB)

Hello, Lodi.

I am sorry you are having trouble getting the jrk to respond in that way. Note that when switching rapidly between full speed forward and full speed reverse (and vice versa), a brushed DC motor can draw up to twice the amount of it’s stall current. So, it sounds like you are getting a fault from the jrk’s motor driver that is probably due to over-current conditions. If this is the case, it also makes sense that limiting the duty cycle (which effectively lowers the voltage supplied and current drawn) can eliminate the fault. You might try setting a current limit (“Max. current” parameter on the Motor tab of the Jrk Configuration Utility) to see if that helps.