I melted my vnh5019

Hello, I’m wondering what went wrong.

I just got a vnh5019 and was running the demo sketch when the shield smoked and melted. I was trying to power a 12v cordless drill motor. My power supply was a 12v 6A car battery charger. It seemed to be the most available high amp dc power source but maybe it was not the best choice. None of the little wall adapters had enough power. There was no load on the motor except for the motor itself.

Is it me or the board itself? I thought it could take up to 12A and 24v. Specifically it was the dark processor looking part named 991YR Vb and MYS 99 124. It stinks in here. Are the fumes bad for you?


I am sorry to hear about your VNH5019 shield. It sounds like the MOSFETs were damaged, which could be because a lot of current was pulled through the board. Does your car battery charger just output a steady 12V or does it have some other circuitry built into it that might cause it to automatically adjust what kind of power it supplies? It sounds like you removed a motor from a 12V cordless drill; do you know the stall current and rated operating voltage of that motor? Can you also post pictures of your setup that clearly show the connections you made when it was damaged?

By the way, those fumes are not good to be around. If something like this happens again in the future, it would probably be best to find a way to avoid inhaling the smoke and clear it from your work environment.