I ask for advice on driving stepper motors with Pololu DRV88

Hello everyone, I introduce myself are Ezio and I write from Italy.
Sorry for my english, but I’m forced to get help from google… :blush:
For almost three years :open_mouth: struggling with the construction of an equatorial mount of a telescope.
I have to control the two axes with two stepper controlled with Arduino Mega. The choice is moving towards the following engines (in descending order of torque):

Sanyo Denki 103H7123-0440 (2A 1,6ohm 0,83Nm)
Sanyo Denki 103-770-1640 (1,41A 2,6ohm 0,62Nm)
Sanyo Denki 103H-6704-0440 (2A 1,7ohm 0,52Nm)

As I thought about the Pololu driver DRV8825 pololu.com/catalog/product/2132. I like this because I have the opportunity to work with voltages (I thought 36V) and thus have more torque at higher speeds, and also will benefit me in the microstep 1/32.

I’m a little rusty in electronics (many years have passed from the school studies) for which to avoid buying wrong, I ask you some advice. In particular I’m not sure if the driver Pololu may be fine for engines that I have listed above.

Soon the mechanical part is almost finished, so I’ll be more sure of the actual pair that I’ll need. In the unfortunate event that I were to use a more powerful engine, such as the SECM8 (2.8 A 1.2 ohm 1.12 Nm), which driver works in microstep would you recommend?

Thank you all,

Hello Ezio,

The DRV8825 is the most powerful stepper motor driver we carry. It should work with those stepper motors, but please note that it can only deliver about 1.5A per coil without sufficient cooling. This should still work for your application, but you will have to limit the current to just under the rated current for the stepper motors.

Also, we do not have a stepper motor driver suitable for the 2.8A stepper motor you mentioned.


Hi Brandon, thanks for the help. I will purchase the DRV8825 :wink: