How to Use Qik Reset Pin

I am trying to use the Qik 2s9v1 Serial controller’s RESET line. However, after we pull the pin low for 10ms, then return to high, the Qik never seems to properly work again until a full power-off reset.

I must not understand something, I tried to use same code as when I was previously using a micro dual serial controller. Here is a short bit from the Arudino sketch:

  void qik_init(int motor_controller_reset_pin, SoftwareSerial& motor_controller)
    if (mc_init_complete) {
      return ;
    mc_init_complete = true ;
    // start up motor controller
    digitalWrite(motor_controller_reset_pin, LOW);
    digitalWrite(motor_controller_reset_pin, HIGH);

    // let motor controller wake up

Any suggestions, anyone?


Can you elaborate on the controller problems you experience after you reset it?

- Ben