How to use qik 2s9v1 motor control with ultrasonic sensor

i am building a sumobot and have ran into a problem with the programming. I have a qik 2s9v1 motor control and an ultrasonic distance sensor. Ive read that the motor control operates at the ultrasonic level, will that interfere with the sensor or vice versa. I have read you can change the motor control to operate at a different level, any help would be great thanks


What ultrasonic distance sensor are you using? The qik will probably not be affected by the sensor; however, it is possible that your sensor might be affected by the qik or motor. If you do get interference, you might be able to add some software filter to remove the unwanted noise. You can also change the PWM frequency on the qik. You can read more about this in the “Get & Set Configuration Parameter” section of the qik user’s guide.

- Jeremy

i am using the HC-SR04 Distance Measuring Transducer Sensor. I have heard about changing the pwm frequency on the qik, is there any advantages on changing it, also i am using 2 560 oz-in gear motors.


In general, we recommend using higher frequencies (above 20kHz) to eliminate audible noise from the motors. However, if running the qik at high frequencies interferes with your sensor, lowering the frequency might help. Are you experiencing any interference or other issues with the qik and your sensor? If so, could you describe the issue?

- Jeremy

ok i am actually still building the sumobot, i just got the robot running today on direct power from the battery it will push 10lbs!!!
So i am gathering code to use once i get all the electronics hooked up, so if i do have an interference once i get it hooked up i will lower the frequency of the qik, I should have it hooked up in the next week or so so ill know then.