How to use getHomingActive for multiple Tics

i’m having problems to get info from multiple Tics through serial line from an Arduino.
my setup:

TicSerial tic[] = {
TicSerial(ticSerial, 14),
TicSerial(ticSerial, 15),
TicSerial(ticSerial, 16),
TicSerial(ticSerial, 17)

so tic[1] is the one with alternative number 15.

to know if motor 1 is actually homing i do:

this works when only one Tic is connected.
not when all three are connected .

the same goes for getMaxSpeed() and getMaxAccel():
with 1 Tic connected i get a proper result,
with 3 Tics connected it’s either 0 or garbage.

i assume the coding should be different, but how?

for getStepMode() i cannot find an existing function call.

any hint will be appreciated.


Hello, rolf.

Are you using an AND gate for your connections back to the Arduino (i.e. from the Tic TX pins to the Arduino RX pin), as described in the Setting up serial control section of the Tic user’s guide?

If you do not have the appropriate AND gate(s), you might consider switching to the I2C interface.

I am not sure what you mean when you say that you cannot find an existing function call for getStepMode(), but you can find information about the getStepMode() function in our Tic library here.