How to solder DRV8835

I bought DRV8835 Driver Shield for Arduino
The big holes for the 3 big plastic pieces with screws-they’re too big! and there are 2 small holes near each one
How do i solder this, and how do i keep the header pins upright, they bend as i solder


I already responded to your email with these same questions, but here is a copy of my response for anyone else who comes across this thread:

I am sorry to hear you are having trouble soldering your terminal blocks. The blocks are intended to be soldered with the large holes on the board. The video in this blog post might be a useful reference for how to properly install them:

Pololu - Video: How to Install Terminal Blocks

And the Adafruit Guide to Excellent Soldering is a good reference for making sure you are making good solder connections:

Tools | Adafruit Guide To Excellent Soldering | Adafruit Learning System

Can you explain more about what is going on with the pins bending; are they bending because of the heat? To the best of my knowledge we have never heard of anyone having an issue like that with these terminal blocks. What temperature is your soldering iron set to, and could you send me some pictures?

- Patrick