How to shutdown SMC18V7 when motor stalls

I have a geared motor setup in a DIY retractable landing gear using a SMC18V7 controller which is RC controlled. I want the controller to shut off power to motor when the motor stalls(1.2Amps). Normal running current is .012Amps.
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Hello, Nobert.

Unfortunately, there is no way to implement something like that using a Simple Motor Controller (SMC) in RC mode. However, if you can find space for it in your application, you can configure the your SMC to stop your motor when a limit switch is triggered. You can find more information about that in the “Configuring a limit or kill switch” section of the user’s guide.

Alternatively, while it is not entirely clear to me how you want the controller to function, you might be able to use one of our Jrk G2 Motor Controllers. They can be configured to stop a motor on when it detects an overcurrent condition and latch the error, but unfortunately there would be no way to clear the error in RC input mode without resetting your system (unless you also have something connected that can communicate with it via the USB, serial, or I2C interfaces). They can also be configured to allow the motor to drive again automatically when the current drops below the designated threshold:

If that will not work for you, you might consider making your own system using a programmable microcontroller, a motor driver or controller, and possibly an external current sensor.

- Patrick


Thanks for your input. We will implement a limit switch solution.

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