How to run I2C to communicate between two controllers?


I am using two Baby Orangutan controllers to control several motors, and I need to send and receive some data between the two controllers. Since I am using UART to communicate with PC then the only option that I have seems to be I2C. But I couldn’t find any function for that in the libraries. Could any one please help me with that?


Hello, Navid.

Unfortunately, we do not have an I2C library for the Baby Orangutan controllers. However, this post, “I2C Master routines for Baby O”, might be useful to you. In addition, more details on the I2C/TWI interface of the ATmega328p, which is the chip used on the Baby Orangutan, are available in its datasheet.

You might also try searching on AVR specific forums such as AVR Freaks for examples.


Hello Amanda,

Thank you very much for your help.