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How to power linear actuaters in sequence?


I want to power two linear actuaters with my mini maestro 6 channel in sequence. My problem is the actuaters only have a power and a ground wire. Is there a way to make this happen? The actuators are electro magnetic type…



It sounds like your linear actuator is operated like a brushed DC gearmotor. If that is the case, the maestro cannot directly control it; you will need a motor controller that can accept hobby RC servos from the Maestro. For example, our Simple Motor Controllers can accept hobby RC signals.

If there is not a particular reason to use the Maestro over another controller; it might make more sense to use a microcontroller like an Arduino and a motor driver. If you give more details about your application, I might have more advice.



Hi Grant,

Thank you so much for your response. I will be using two small electromagnetic linear actuators to automatically refresh an app that I use regularly on my phone. I have found that the linear actuators equipped with rubber tips work well on my capacitive touch screen Samsung 7 phone. The app that I use constantly needs to be manually refreshed. The reason I like the micro Maestro is because of its size and the ability to insert it in the device that I am building. I suppose I could use Arduino R3 but because of its size and it’s multiple capabilities I don’t believe it is suited for my project. I only need to control the two a linear actuators in a loop. I like the pololu software because it is easy to use. I am completely new to the use of the microcontrollers and I am open to any suggestions that you may have for me.
Thank you,



Without knowing the specifications of your linear actuator (like the current ratings and your supply voltage), I cannot recommend a specific motor controller. It does sound like a microcontroller like an Arduino with a motor shield would work better. We also have our A-Star programmables controllers which are pre-loaded with a Arduino-compatible bootloader. If the size of the boards is a concern, there are smaller Arduino boards, and you might be able to use smaller motor driver boards.



Product name: DC solenoid electromagnet; rated Voltage: DC 4. 5V; Type: push pull
Force and stroke: 40G/2mm; energized rate: 25 percent ; body Size: 20 x 12 x 11 mm / 0. 8" x 0. 47" x 0. 43"(Lwt)
Plunger bar Size: 3 x 40 mm / 0. 12" x 1. 6"(D*l); cable Length: 10cm/3. 9"



Without knowing the current rating of your linear actuator, I cannot offer more specific advice. Could you provide a link to the datasheet or product page for the linear actuators you are using?