How to get different steps out of drive?

I am new to all this so this may be a dumb question.

I am looking to order a couple of the step motor drives to try with an Arduino (trying to build a clock with three motors).

I want to experiment with different steps ( full, half, 1/4, …).

M0 is floating so I gather I can put it to ground or positive voltage to make it high to low …is this right? … or do I need a resistor ?

M1 on the other hand has an internal pull down resistor making it low. How can I get M1 to be high?

Thanks … Mike


We make a few different stepper driver carrier boards with similar layouts but slightly different operation modes. Which driver boards are you using? If you are unsure, can you post pictures of them?


There are several that seem to need the same set-up. Lets say the DRV8834 for example. Looking at the middle of the web page has a table for M0 and M1

M0 can be floating (I believe this is the factory setting) high or low.

So do I need to ground it or connect it directly to positive power or do I need to go through a resistor?

M1 had a pull down resistor built into the board. If I what to use it fore 1/8 steps, I need to make this line high. How do I do this if it has a pull down resistor on it?

Thanks so very much !!!


The mode pins do not necessarily behave the same way on all of our stepper drivers. On the DRV8834, M0 is floating by default and M1 is pulled low by a built in resistor. To change the state of those pins, the you can connect them directly to GND or your logic power supply, though using some resistance (between a few hundred ohms and a few kiloohms) can help reduce the risk of damage if parts of your system are powered separately or the pin is accidentally connected to the wrong thing.