How to fit Encoder on Roboclaw?

We are using Roboclaw 230A motor driver for 2 brushed DC motor on wheelchair project but wheels are not running in synchronism. So we have decide to use rotary encoder to count cycle of wheels and we could count. Roboclaw mode we used is ForwardMixed and mode7. My problem is how to fit wheels’ speed. I have examined Roboclaw 230 datasheet for ReadEncoeder method. But datasheet doesn’t explain how to adjust wheels’ speed in terms of encoder counts.
Can you help me, please?
Thanks in advance.


If you have not seen it already, the User Manual for the RoboClaw (which is linked to on the “Resources” tab of our product page for the controller) looks like it has some commands under the “Encoders” section that might be helpful to you. For instance, command 37 (on page 60 of the manual) and command 40 (on page 61) look like they might be useful. We do not have any additional information that is not linked to on our product page, so I recommend contacting Ion Motion Control (the manufacturer of the RoboClaw) via their forums if you need more information or clarification about the RoboClaw’s operation.


Hi Nathan,
I have similar setup, my general question is : do we still need encoder with roboclaw 2x30A ?
Thank you


You do not need encoders to use the RoboClaw, but you will not be able to apply closed-loop control and achieve well synchronized motion without encoders. However, If that is okay for your application, you might also consider using appropriate G2 Simple Motor Controllers or motor drivers instead.

- Patrick