How to detirmine Step Pulse Duration with A4988

I have the Pololu A4988 Stepper Driver and I am trying to understand how to time the pulses and set the current limiter pot.

The way I understand to make the driver step is to:

Send the step pin high
Delay some amount of time to allow the A4988 to see the pulse
Send the step pin low
Delay some amount of time to allow the motor time to actually move

How do I detirmine what the amounts of time should be?

Also, how do I know where to position the current limiting pot?

Power Supply Specs:
Adjustable Wall Wart Style Power Supply
1.3 A
10 V (but this can be adjusted)

Stepper Motor specs:
1.53 V
3.0 A
0.51 Ohmn


Page 6 of the A4988 datasheet has timing specifications and diagrams. Beyond that, the motor can also limit your pulse speed. For example, our stepper motors have a torque pullout curve graphs on the product pages that compare torque to pulses per second. Example:

- Ryan