How to amplify RC servo motor output from 5v 2A to 12v 5A?

I’m trying to make the common “wiper motor servo” (That involves using the internal RC servo circuit board and existing potentiometer and mating it to a windshield wiper using some kind of h-bridge amplifier). I have two basic questions:

  1. Is it possible to use a single, off-the-shelf board that does the same exact thing as the board in the RC servo does, but outputs 12v, at around 5 amps instead of the typical 5v-6v 2amps? (so I can drive the wiper motor instead of the RC servo’s stock original motor)

  2. If option one doesn’t already exist as an all-in-one package, how would you wire up one of pololu’s existing products so that I can simply amplify the already correct output coming out of a RC servo’s internal board up to 12v ~5 amps?


Our jrk 12v12 motor driver can read an RC signal for target input and a potentiometer for position feedback and it can provide up to 12A of output current continuously. You can learn more about it, including how to wire it up and configure it for position feedback, inside its user’s guide, which is linked to under the Resources tab of its product page.