How do I know if a VNH2SP30 Carrier is not working?

I have 4 Pololu MD01V drivers and i think 2 has blown how do you know when its broken and how do you fix it. When i connect the 2 that is working thew motors turn when i connect the other two motors it don’t give a output to OUTA and OUTB. I busy with my UGV project and its due for Wednesday so urgently pls.


I split this into a separate topic. Please don’t post at the bottom of other unrelated threads.

If you are independently connecting all of them in the same way, the two that don’t work are most likely broken. Did the two that are not working work when you got them? What happened to them that made them stop working?

If they are dead, it’s not likely that you will be able to easily repair the boards. You should probably just order 2 more (or 3-4 to be safe) and have them shipped to you quickly.

EDIT: We don’t have any VNH2 carriers in stock right now, so my (grayed-out) suggestion will not work! Also, make sure to check all of your soldering and wire connections very carefully; maybe the problem is something simple!

- Ryan

i have same exp b4.wrong polarity take me a day digging.