How do I connect Stepper motor to the Mini-Maestro 24?

I am working on a project which requires the use of Stepper motors. Is it possible for me to connect the wires of a stepper motor directly to the Mini-Maestro 24? If not, is there any alternatives that enables me to control stepper motors?

The Maestro cannot directly drive stepper motors. You might consider our Tic Stepper Motor Controllers instead. Like the Maestro, they are USB configurable and have their own Tic Control Center software for doing so. However, they do not currently have the equivalent of the Maestro’s sequencer or scripting functionality. If that is something you were looking for, you could configure the Tic to accept RC signals and control it from a Maestro.


Hello Brandon. Thank you for your swift reply. I require the application of the control center like the Mini-maestro 24 as I am planning to do some automation with the stepper motors. May I know if the Tic Stepper Motor Controller also has the same control center as the Mini-Maestro 24? One that allows me to save the sequences of motion individually to the tic?

As I mentioned in my previous post, the Tic has a Tic Control Center software, but it does not currently offer anything equivalent to the Maestro’s sequencer or built-in scripting functionality. You could use the Maestro to control the Tic through its RC interface; that way, you could use the Maestro Control Center to control the Tic through the Maestro. Alternatively, you could write your own PC code to control the Tic or use a separate microcontroller through the I2C or TTL serial interface. I recommend looking through the Tic user’s guide to see which option might be best for your application.