How do I address a Tic 36v4 'Verification failure' error?

I’m getting a ‘Verification failure’ driver error when attempting to control my Tic 36v4 over USB from the latest Tic Control Center in windows. The only reference to this error in the documentation I can find is here [1] saying “the Tic regularly checks that the DRV8711’s register settings are correct and will report an error if verification fails.” That’s the only bit of the documentation referencing this error though and it doesn’t shed any light on what how to remedy this issue. Is it possible to remedy or is the gate driver dead? If it is dead, it is not the end of the world because I have more 36v4s on the way from pololu, but I would like to understand what happened to cause it so I can prevent it in the future. Thanks!

[1] Pololu - 5.4. Error handling


I am sorry to hear you are having problems with your Tic 36v4. Could you post more details about how you are using the Tic? For example, does that error happen as soon as you power up your system, or only when do something specific like command the motor to drive? Also, does it happen if you remove the Tic from the rest of your setup and only connect it to USB?


The error occurs as soon as I press resume in the Tic Control Center so I never get to the point where I can command the motor (Pololu item # 1474) to move. I can’t press resume with the power removed either because I get the VIN too low error without the power supply connected. When I get the Verification Error, I am powering the system off a lab bench power supply set at 24 volts and using the lab bench supply’s current limit set at 4.1 amps. The Tic’s current limit has never been set above 2363ma. After I posted, I dropped a Tic T249 with air cooling into the 36v4’s place and can successfully control the motor. I also had the same 36v4 successfully running a larger stepper (Pololu item # 1478) but at the same 2363ma limit before borrowing it to drive this new setup.

It sounds like there is some kind of communication problem occurring between the Tic’s microcontroller and motor driver IC, and unfortunately, one of them is probably damaged and would not be practical to repair.

It is not clear what might have happened to get the controller in that state. Do you remember changing anything specific or if anything unusual happened right before it started giving you that error?