Higher Voltages for Faster Stepping

A General Question about stepper motor driver I see for sale:

To increase stepping rates I thought higher voltages were use to over come motor inductance. But at slower speed the maximum coil current must be regulated with some kind os switching regulator. Many of the small boards i see (MP6500 Stepper Motor Driver Carriers for example) don’t seem to include this level of complexity.

Did i miss something somewhere?

Bob K.

Hello Bob.

Current limiting stepper drivers like the MP6500 you mentioned do behave like switching regulators, although unlike a standard switching regulator, the desired output to the stepper coils is a rapidly changing (when the motor is in motion) sequence of different currents. The MP6500 has a more detailed description of the algorithm it uses to switch its internal dual H-bridges (each of which is connected to a stepper coil) in the “Operation” section of its datasheet.