High-Power Motor Driver

I am building an autonomous dual motor drive machine for my design project at Uni. I have two 24VDC motors with operating current of 2A and stall current at 10 A each. The 24V and 10A requirement is quite limiting in the choice of motor drivers. I had initially planned on using 2 Pololu High-Power Motor Driver 24v12 but I am tight on budget and so probably can’t get approval to use them for my project.
I also looked at Dual VNH2SP30 Motor Driver Carrier MD03A (which is available at the electronics shop at my university for free) but it says that PWM operation is impractical above 16 V and I want to run my motors at the rated voltage of 24 V for the most part.
I am looking for any advice to solve the issue or to choose another cheaper product. (I need to keep the cost within $25)

Also, I thought of putting together a PCB motor driver on my own. Is there a circuit diagram for something like the Pololu High-Power Motor Driver 24v12 that I could refer to? (I am not an EE student, so I don’t know a lot about electronics)

Thank you!

An amateur cannot expect to put together a high power motor driver and have it outperform a commercial design at lower cost. If your budget is really that constrained, it seems that your only option is to lower your expectations. Go ahead and use the motor driver that you can get for free, running at 16 V.


I do not know of a motor driver option that is appropriate for controlling both of your motors for under $25. If you can spend a little more and can limit your power supply to slightly below 24V, you might be able to use our Pololu Dual VNH5019 Motor Driver Shield for Arduino. Unfortunately, we do not share the schematics for our high power motor drivers.


Ok. Thank you! I will just limit my voltage, it seems to be my best option.