High current driver for DC motor

I’m having trouble in choosing a suitable driver for my motor. It’s rated 24V nominal, 6A nominal current with 80.2A stall current. Operating conditions include working mostly at 90-100% of power and repetitive full stall for short time. Motor will be powered from suitable 6S LiPo. I am considering RoboClaw controllers or Pololu 24v23 for it, but I know they may fail. 24v23 drivers burned out driving smaller motor than this under heavy load conditions. Could you recommend a driver or guide me how to choose a driver which won’t easily fail under these conditions?

Best wishes,

Hello, Mark.

Our Simple Motor Controllers and High Power Motor Driver would not be appropriate for currents that high. I do not think the RoboClaw 2x60 Motor Controller would be either, but you might check with the manufacturer (ION Motion Control) to see if they think it might work. Your motor seems like it might be a similar power to electric wheelchair motors, so you might also try searching around to see what controllers are being used with them.