High Current CS Motor Drivers with small thru-hole pads

Do all the CS motor drivers have small thru-hole pads? I have two of the 18v25CS and the V+, OUTA, OUTB, GND only allow 14 AWG and nothing larger. This surprised me as I had earlier used the Pololu stand-alone ACS711 and 714 current sensors and the thru-hole pads for similar current loads are much bigger allowing 10 AWG.

Running 15-20A thru 14AWG for more than very short lengths is not very helpful. Which of the high current CS drivers have pads that would allow 10 or 12 AWG?



All of our Pololu High-Power Motor Drivers have the same sized through holes for V+, OUTA, OUTB and GND, so you cannot directly connect a 10AWG wire to those drivers. You might be able to fit a 12AWG wire in those holes, but a 14AWG wire should be fine for the current maximums of those boards.

If you need to run longer lengths of wire, we generally recommend that your driver be located closer to your power source and run the longer leads from the OUTA and OUTB connections to your motor. You can splice a larger wire (like the 10AWG wire you referenced) to a short length (2 inches or so) of 12-14AWG wires you can connect to those OUTA and OUTB through holes.