Help with Tic 36v4 USB Multi-Interface High-Power Stepper Motor Controller Software

Hello Polulu community!
I work as a scientist in a small startup, and I recently used a stepper motor and the Tic software to motorize our microscope stage. Which is totally amazing since “professional” motorized stages normally cost thousands of dollars and I only need to move around few positions. I downloaded the software which I use in Windows, and it is very well made, for example it has already a function to set up a 0 and homing to 0. I was wondering if anyone here could help me figuring out if:
a) there is already a way to mark specific steps and be able to go back to such positions (for example step 20-40-100)
b) there is any other software that I could use with the Tic Controller that has that function.
c) there is anybody around here that could help me code such a function? The software is available on GitHub but coding is not really my field.
Thank you so much for the time spent reading!

Hello, Alessandro.

Please note that our company name is Pololu (not “Polulu”).

I am glad to hear you have found the Tic helpful! That sounds like a neat application.

The Tic Configuration Utility does not have a way to save certain positions and call them back later, although you could manually type those positions into the “Set target position” box each time.

We do not have any other GUI for the Tic with that kind of function, but you could write you own software that does that, but we do not have any specific resources showing how to do that. An easier solution that wouldn’t require programming would be to create Windows shortcuts that can act as your buttons. You can find an explanation for setting this up in the “Running ticcmd with Windows shortcuts” section of the Tic user’s guide.


Hi Brandon, sorry for the misspelling!
Thank you so much for your quick response, and the help given, very much appreciated.


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