Help with my Metal Gearmotors 37Dx52L mm

Hi I am doing a STEM project on BB8 and decided to make one of my one. Unfortunately I am not able to get my motors to work, although I think I’ve wired all the Wires correctly.
I would really appreciate some Help, as this robot is due next week!
I’m able to connect my bluetooth module to my phone but as soon as I try to run the motors (with my phone) it does’t work… I’m using the app Arduino Bluetooth RC Car
May 18, 2018 1:12 PM


Have you tried powering your motors separately to see if they work before connecting them to the Arduino shield? I see that most of your connections do not appear to be soldered, for example, the terminal blocks, female headers by the terminal blocks, and the wires wrapped on the motor terminals. These should be soldered to ensure a good electrical connection. It also looks like you are inserting stranded wire into the female headers. This could easily cause shorts and does not make a very reliable connection. I recommend terminating your stranded wires with male crimp pins and housings or using jumper wires when plugging wires into your shield. If you try those things and still have problems, please provide pictures of both sides of your motor driver shield that show your connections.


May 19, 2018 3:32 PM

Hello Rocky
Thank you for your reply, i tried to follow your instuctions but I don’t think I’ve done it correctly, as there’s no energy going to the motors and bluetooth module (although it did before). It’s also very hard for me to get my hands on these kind of equipment quickly, because I live in Switzerland.


Since you are no longer getting power to your Bluetooth module, it sounds like there is a weak connection (or a break) between power and your Bluetooth module. And since you just modified your wiring, it sounds like that modification is likely the source of the issue. If you have access to solid core wire (something like 22 AWG would work), you might try cutting segments of that (and stripping the ends about 5mm) and using them to make the connections between your Bluetooth module and VNH5019 shield, since the pins on both of those boards are accessible via female headers.

If you are able to get your Bluetooth module powered again and still have issues controlling your motors, can you post pictures that show the underside of your VNH5019 shield?