Help or resource for connecting a Raspberry Pi 4B with a 3pi Robot

Hello. I have a 3pi Robot and the latest Raspberry Pi, model 4B with a ribbon camera. I wanted to program a robotic car to chase a ball around the room. The program itself would be loaded into the Rapsberry Pi and it would be written in Python. I just need the 3pi Robot to act as the transport vehicle to do the actual moving. I was wondering what the simplest way to accomplish this would be? also, how would I attach the Rapsberry Pi to the 3pi robot without impacting it’s ability to move and balance, etc. Thanks.


Someone else on our forum asked a similar question; you can see our response to it here.

As for mounting solutions, we do not have any specific advice for how to do that. Have you considered using our Romi 32U4 robot or Balboa 32U4 robot, which are designed to interface with a Raspberry Pi?

- Amanda