3pi robot and raspberry pi connection question

I am currently want to design a project, that is 3pi robot connect to raspberry pi and use usb camera to do object tracking. The other function maybe is use wireless mode to do remote control in android phone.

My question is that I dont know how to connect 3pi robot and raspberry pi. some people say use UART. Dose anybody do this project or connection before? Could you give me some idea?

PS: The reason why I not use arduino is that the process is so slow and SRAM is so small. I have to choose raspberry pi.


Using UART to communicate serially between your 3pi and Raspberry Pi is probably the easiest way to interface the two devices. You might find the “Serial slave program” section of the 3pi user’s guide helpful. Since the Raspberry Pi and 3pi operate at 3.3V and 5V, respectively, you might consider using our logic level shifter for converting the serial signals between the different logic levels.

- Jeremy

Thanks for your advice. I will try this way. If It works, I will write a instruction for the connection :smiley:

I wonder how you will power your Raspi Pi. You will need 5V at min. 1A, need quite a big battery pack I guess. I tried this in another project and had a lot of Pi shutdowns due to power issues.

Looking forward to see the solution.

We are thinking to use a battery called" USB Battery Pack for Raspberry Pi - 4400mAh - 5V @ 1A" In their test, raspberry pi with wifi and camera connection can work 7 hours. That battery can be found in www.adafruit.com