Help needed regarding driving stepper motor via driver from MiniMaestro

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I’m doing a project in which i need to have some servos and steppers going. I’m using a MiniMaestro to control the servos but I also need to move two steppers at various times, timed with the servos. So my questions are as follows, can I connect two stepper drivers to the MiniMaestro and move the steppers with the ControlCenter? For instance, at one point I want to move the servos to a certain position during a 3 second-long frame and also have a stepper go at a constant speed during these 3 seconds by only using the ControlCenter?

Also, how do I connect the drivers to the MiniMaestro?

Sorry if I’m not making any sense, I’m not an expert, all help is appreciated.



It is not generally practical to use the Maestro to control a stepper motor driver. Instead you probably would need to use either a microcontroller instead of the Maestro or our Tic stepper motor controllers (which have a control interface that accepts RC hobby servo pulses) instead of your stepper motor drivers. You can find more details about the Tic’s RC control interface in the Tic Stepper Motor Controller User’s Guide, particularly under the “Setting up RC speed control” and “Analog/RC input handling” sections of the guide. If you decide to use the Tic to control your stepper motors, connect only the servo channel’s signal pin and ground pin to the Tic controller. Do not connect the Tic’s 5V (out) pin to your Maestro’s servo voltage rail!

- Amanda

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Allright, I’ll look into it! Thank you.

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