HELP - JRK 21v3 setup procedure to control dc motor

I am a novice with this. Can someone help me setup the motor configuration program so that I can control one dc motor which turns my trim wheel in my B737 flight simulator.

The trim switch,on my yoke via the simulator software (Prosim737) sends signals to the JRK that will in turn operate the motor either clockwise or counter-clockwise. The interface with the simulator software is through the USB port. I need to know what settings am I to make in the JRK Configuration Program for it to respond to the signals from Prosim737 when the switch is pressed.

Thanks very much.


Hello, Michael.

I am not very familiar with the ProSim737 software, so I am not sure how the jrk should be configured to work with it. I recommend contacting the creators of the software, ProSim-AR, or posting on their forum.