Help, its too noisy!

We are currently using a 10:1 Metal Gearmotor 37Dx50L mm 12V (Helical Pinion) model #4748 and have it set up using a belt drive pulley connected to the drive shaft and it is working good, BUT we want to find a way to make it quieter, as quiet as possible, silent would be good.
Any suggestions?
Not opposed to changing motors or any aspect of our set up as long as we can continue to use the belt drive at 1000RPM, moderate torque (2.3 n/m), and reversible.


We have not characterized our motors for how much audible noise they produce, but I do not expect any of our gearmotors would work well in an application with a combination of load and speed requirements that high anyway. Actually, if the 2.3 N•m (23.5 kg•cm) torque value is correct, I am surprised the motor you have is working at all; did you perhaps make a mistake and mean to write 0.23 N•m (2.35 kg•cm)?

If you are not already, I suggest driving your motor with a PWM frequency of 20 kHz or higher since that is beyond the audible range (at least for people). Unfortunately though, we do not have many specific suggestions beyond that. You might try researching noise insulating materials to see if you can find something that you could surround your motor or device with, but I suspect those types of materials are usually going to be heat insulators too, so keep that in mind since more heat could negatively impact your motor’s performance.

- Patrick