Help Finding Cheapest Compatible Motor Driver

Hi, I would like to ask about the compatibility between a DC motor and a DC motor driver since I am fairly new to the topic.
I am using 2 - DT25-370/9V11500-75K DC motor (specs uploaded) for my project and would like to ask if either the Dual TB9051FTG Motor Driver Shield for Arduino or 2 of the BD65496MUV Single Brushed DC Motor Driver Carrier would be compatible and the cheapest option. If you have another recommended motor driver that might be the cheapest and compatible with the dc motor that I am using, please say so, I am really trying to spend as little as possible. Thanks!


Our general recommendation is to use a motor driver with a continuous current rating that is at least as high as your motor’s stall current. Neither of the drivers you mentioned meet that criteria, so you might consider one of our VNH5019 motor driver carriers instead. We have a single driver carrier version, and we have a dual motor driver shield version.

If you are really trying to keep your project costs low, the TB9051FTG driver you mentioned might be good enough if you are careful to limit how much the motors stall (including abrupt acceleration and direction changes), but I recommend doing whatever you can to characterize your load ahead of time.

- Patrick