Help : Driver for Micro Maestro USB 6 channel not installing


I attempted to install the drivers for the “Maestro USB 6 channel Servro Controller” on Windows 7 64-bit without much success.

The setup.exe I ran worked fine, but the drivers do not appear in this device manager list, as shown in the instructions (

I ran this as administrator and also allowed the setup.exe to write files as demonstrated in the instructions.

I noticed this issue when I connected the Maestro to my computer, but found that it was not being detected by my PC.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, as I do not know what else I can do. Ive attempted a few re-installs, resulting in no further progression.


Hello, Timkin.

Do entries for the Maestro appear anywhere in your Device Manager? Please check the “Other Devices” category (if present) and see if there are any entries for the Maestro. Even without the drivers installed, your computer should detect the Maestro and display entries in the Device Manager.

If you don’t see any entries for the Maestro then there could be a problem with your USB cable or USB port. Do you have another USB cable you can try? Could you try a different USB port which is known to work?